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Neale's St. Johns

We have information on the St. John family going back to England. But, we have yet to prove anything more than shown here, to our own satisfaction.  We have not been able to ascertain any connection to Mathias St. John, nor any connections to the St. Johns of Connecticut and New York, at this point.  Another huge problem with this surname is the spelling for research purposes. We have come across: St. John, St John, StJohn, Saint John as variations. While different spellings are not unusual in research, it seems especially exasperating with this one.

Neale and Kathy Clifton

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Thomas St. John was born 1626 in England.He emmigrated from Bristol, England to Maryland and Virginia in 1661. He married Mary (possibly) Day in Virginia in 1670. Mary was born about 1843 in Rappahanock, Virginia, and died 16 January 1728 in South Farnham Parrish, Essex County, Virginia.  Thomas died in Essex County, Virginia in 1698. They had a son, William St. John, born 1680 in Essex County, Virginia. Other Children: Mary, Thomas II, born after 1679, Elizabeth, born  about 1670, Catherine, born about1690, Tabitha, John, Sarah, born about 1690.

William St. John a son of Thomas St. John and Mary (possibly) Day, was born 1680 in Essex County, Virginia and died about1721 in South Farnham Parish, Essex County, Virginia. He married Elizabeth Billington in 1700 in Essex County, Virginia. Elizabeth died in Essex County, Virginia in 1728.  They had a son, Isaac St. John, born 1704 in Essex County, Virginia. Other children were: James, about 1706, Richard, about 1702, Thomas, about1701, Abraham, about 1703, William, about 1700.

Isaac St. John,  was born 1704 in Essex County, Virginia, a son of William and Elizabeth Billington St. John. Isaac married Betsey ___ , on date unknown. He died 6 June 1786 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia. They had a son, John Isaac St. John, born 1729 in Essex County, Virginia.

John Isaac St. John, son of Isaac and Betsey ___ St. John, was born 1729 in Essex County, Virginia. He married Elizabeth (Patsy) George, born  in 1733. They had a son, George Isaac St. John, born in 1760 in Essex County,Virginia. Other children: James, born about 1755, died about1855, Jacob, born about 1758, died 1834.

eorge Isaac St. John
was born about 1760 in Virginia. George Isaac was married first to Evaline Jolly and they had one son, John St. John*born in 1788. The couple also had a  daughter, Evaline, in 1790 and  died 1792. The mother, Evaline, died during the birth of her daughter. John St. John eventually moved to Georgia, where he married  Susan Jane Dickens and had a son, Frederick Green St. John. When the child was seven years old John went to Woodbury, Warren County, now Cannon County, Tennessee, where he joind the rest of the rest of the family. *We are not covering John St. John here, with the exception of his son Frederick, covered elsewhere during his adventures in the War Between the States. The lineage we are concentrating on at this juncture are the descendants of Berry St. John. 

George Issac St. John married secondly,
Nancy Bryan  2 March 1793 in a Quaker ceremony.  Nancy Bryan, a daughter of Andrew Morrison Bryan and Mary Akers Bryan, was born in 1773 in Campbell County, Virginia. George and Nancy had a son, Berry St. John,  born 24 December 1793 In Campbell County, Virginia. George died about 1855 in Cannon County, Tennessee. Other children were:  Thomas, born about 1795; William, born before 1800; Martin, born 1800; Elizabeth, born1804; Sarah Jane, born about 1806;  Martha Patsy, born about 1808;  Abner, born about 1810; Nancy

Berry St. John born 24 December 1793 Campbell County, Virginia. He died 20 July 1869 in Smyth County, Virginia. Berry married Hannah Dungan born 12 October 1800, Washington County, Virginia, she died 11 December 1874, Smyth County, Virginia. They had a son, Campbell Berry St. John, born in 1830. Other children were: Emily Frances, birthdate unknown; Ellen, born 1822; Nancy, born 1824; John, born 1826;  Rebecca, born 1826; David, born 1829; George W., born 1832; Charles Johnson, born 1836; Andrew Fulton, born 1840 [ Picture], who married Eleanor Virginia Dulaney,  [ Picture ] Noah C.B. born 1843; and Susan Katherine, born 1845 Nancy, no birth date, marriage date 1804.

Campbell Berry St. John born 18 April 1830 Washington County, Virginia. He died 20 October 1879. He married Martha Patterson born 22 June 1830 Smyth County, Virginia, died 20 January 1889 Smyth County, Virginia. Campbell and Martha are buried at the Sinclair Bottom Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Smyth County, Virginia.  They had a son, Andrew David St. John. Other children were: William Berry, Elizabeth, George, W. Hannah C.,  Laura A., Robert Lee, Martha, and John Fulton. 

A. D. St. John
Andrew D. St. John
Andrew David St. John born 28 September 1850, Washington County, Virginia. He died 12 February 1897, he is buried at the Rock Spring Church cemetery in Damascus, Virginia. He married Julianna Dye 2 July 1890 Washington County, Virginia.
Julianna Dye St. John
Julianna Dye St. John
She was born 1869 in Russell County, Virginia.  They had a daughter, Nuni Carri St. John. Other children: Eliza Margaret, born 02 February 1892, Preston Wolf, born 15 October 1893, and Minnie, born 21 November 1896 After Andrew David St. John died, Julianna remarried.
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Preston Wolf St. John and his wife, Pearl are buried at
Forrest Hills Cemetery, Abingdon, Virginia.
Nuni St. John with Rev. and Mrs. Wyatt
Nuni St. John in center, with Rev. and Mrs, Wyatt. They took care of Nuni
when Andrew St. John died and Juliana Dye St. John re-married
Nunie St. John Clifton and son Buford J. Clifton
Nuni St. John Clifton with oldest son,
Buford J.. Clifton

Nuni St. John was born 8 November 1894 in Washington County, Virginia. She died 25 November 1971 in Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia. She married Claude Granville Clifton born 13 March 1888, died 10 June 1968, Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia. They are both buried at Forrest Hills Cemetery, Abingdon, Virginia. They had two sons, Buford and Eldridge, and a daughter, Juanita Clifton Meek. The oldest son was Buford James Clifton.

Buford James Clifton born 24 May 1913, Greendale, Washington County, Virginia, died 5 July 1980, Portsmouth, Virginia. He married 20 April 1935, Welch, McDowell County, West Virginia, Volga Farley, born 16 June 1915, Welch, McDowell County, West Virginia, died 6 November 1965 Portsmouth, Virginia. They are buried Olive Branch Cemetery, Portsmouth, Virginia. They had one son, Lassister Neale Clifton.

Lassister Neale Clifton was born in Welch, McDowell County, West Virginia, married Katherine Carol Williams born Florida. They have two children, a girl, Debra Lynn Clifton and a son, Lassister Neale Clifton, Jr.

Lassister Neale Clifton, Jr. born in Portsmouth, Virginia. Married first, Debra Marie FordThey had one son, David Wayne Clifton. Second he married Billie Morari Lewis. They have one daughter, Jessica Lee Lewis.

Debra Lynn Clifton born Portsmouth, Virginia. First married Robert Derwood Carlisle, they had five children, Kathleen Hope, Robert Curtis, Stephanie Diane, Robin Denise and William Thomas. Second, she married Scott Duane Beeler. Thirdly, she married Robert Mintz.

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Some St. Johns By George
Compiled by L. Edward St. John in Cannon County, Tennessee
Naola Pennington Egleston  data
Preston W. St. John
Pearl Duncan St. John
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