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Neale's Thomas

Thomas Ap1 Thomas was born about 1556 in Llangdock, Wales.  He married about 1586 in Wales, the name of his spouse is unknown.

William Ap1 Thomas was born about 1587 in Wales.  He married Elizabeth, born abt 1590 and she died after 1666 in Surry County, Virginia.  William and Elizabeth were married about 1611 in Wales.  No date of death is know for William.  Their children were: William Thomas born 1613; Robert born about 1615 and died in Essex County, Virginia; John Thomas born about 1616, died 1710; ? female Thomas born about 1620; and Anne Thomas born about 1622.  All of their children were born in Wales.  William died abt 1678 in Elizabeth City, Virginia

William Ap1 Thomas was born 1613 in Wales.  William married Elizabeth (or Rebecca) in 1635 in Wales.  Elizabeth was born about 1615 in England, she died after 1665.  William died in 1665 in Yeacimco Parish, Northumberland, Virginia.  Children were John Thomas born 1648 and Wiliam born 1650 and died 1715.  William came to Virginia in 1635 at age 22.

John Thomas born 1648 in St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland, Virginia.  John married Rebecca about 1678.  Their children were Richard Thomas born 1684 and died in King and Queen County, Virginia, William Thomas born 1686; John Thomas born about 1684 St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland, Virginia; Peter Thomas born 1688; Elizabeth Thomas born 1692; Jane Thomas born about 1694.  Two of their children we know were born in Northumberland, Virginia and the others we just know born in Virgina.  John Thomas died in 1710 and Rebecca died in 1665.

John Thomas was born about 1684 in St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland, Virginia.  He married Sarah (Susannah) about 1703 probably in King George, Virginia.  She was born about 1688 in King George, Virginia.  John Thomas died about 9 April 1785 Bromfield Parish, Culpeper, Virginia.  Their children were: Elizabeth Thomas; Gervas Thomas; John Thomas; Richard Thomas; Massey Thomas born 1708 King George County, VA and died about August 1776, Culpeper, Virginia; William born about 1706 King George County, VA and died about 1776 in Maryland; Benjamin Thomas born about 1721 King George Co., Virginia and died 1782 King George County, Virginia; Margaret Thomas born abt 1727, King George County, Virginia; Sarah Thomas born about 1629 King George County, Virginia; and Ann Thomas born about 1731, King George County, Virginia.  John and Sarah were married about 1703 probably in King George County, Virginia. 

John Thomas died 9 April 1785 in Bromfield Parish, Culpeper, Virginia.  The will is in Will Book C, Page 100, 101, 102. Dated 29 April 1785

William Thomas was born about 1706 in King George County, Virginia and died after 1706 in Maryland.  He married Thomison Hamm,  22 December 1724, St. Paul's Parish, Stafford, Virginia; she was born about 1708 in St. Paul's Parish, Stafford County, Virginia.  Their children were Anne Thomas, born 5 November 1725 and died before 1732; Verlinda Thomas born 20 April 1728; Anne Thomas born 12 December 1732; Milly Thomas born 15 December 1739.  All of these children were born in St. Paul's Parish, Stafford, Virginia. 

I found a son Benjamin Thomas who named all of his sisters in his will except Anne Thomas.
Executor was Thomas Clifton and he named his  nephrew John Clifton.
Source book O, Page 384;1760.
Abstracts of Deeds, Wills and Court Order Books of Stafford County, Virginia by Katherine Cos Gotchalk. 

Anne Thomas was born 12 December 1732 in St. Paul's Parish, Stafford, Virginia.  She married Thomas Clifton1 about 1756 St. Paul's Parish, Stafford, Virginia.  They had two sons William born 1756 and John born 1758 St. Pauls Parish, Stafford, Virginia.  The marriage record found in the Register of St Paul's Church along with the birth of John Clifton

John Clifton1 born 20 February 1758.  Birth found in St. Paul's Register, Stafford, Virginia. 

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1Ap, AP, ap = Welsh term for, "son of"

Register of St. Paul's Parish, Stafford County,Virginia 1715-1798
Cavaliers and Pioneers Abstracts of Land Patents and Grants 1623-1666, Abstracted by Nell Marion Nugent
Passenger and Immigration Lists - 1500-1900s
Personal Taxes and Census Records from 1800 till 1830

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