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Nehemiah Wailes was born about 1625 in England.  He married Elizabeth Saughfeld 09 March in Saint John, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England.  Elizabeth was born about 1630 in England. Their child was Benjamin Wailes.

Benjamin Wailes was born about 1680 in Somerset County, Maryland.  He married 1710 in Prince George's County, Maryland,  Elizabeth Covington born 1681 in Stepney Parish, Somerset County, Maryland.  Benjamin died 14 February 1729 in Somerset County, Maryland. Elizabeth died 07 April 1729 Prince George's County, Maryland. 

Elizabeth is the daughter of Nehemiah Covington Jr, born 1658 Eastville, Northampton, Virgina. He married, Rebecca Denwood, born 1652 Accomac, Accomac County, Virginia.  15 November 1679, Somerset County, Maryland.  Nehemiah Covington died 01 August 1713 in Somerset County, Maryland.

Benjamin and Elizabeth Covington Wailes child was Benjamin Wailes, Jr.

Benjamin Wailes, Jr. was born 02 January 1727 in Prince George's County, Maryland.  He married Sarah Howard, born 17 October 1734 in Charles County, Maryland.  Sarah died after 01 June 1778.

Sarah Howard is the daughter of William Stevens Howard and Sarah Briscoe.  William is the son of Edmund Howard, of Norfolk England and Margaret Dent of St. Mary's County, Maryland.

Benjamin Wailes, Jr. and Sarah Howard children were Edward Lloyd; Elizabeth Covington; Levin; Henry Freeman; William Howard and John Wailes.

Edward Lloyd Wailes was born 25 September 1758 in Prince George's County, Maryland.  He married, Sarah Biggs Oden, daughter of Meshack Oden and Elizabeth Biggs, on 22 March 1780 Prince George's County, Maryland.  Edward and Sarah are said to have 10 children, Harriet born about 1820 in Georgia and Lacy (Lucy) born 1790 in Maryland.  Edward died 27 January 1809 in Oglethorpe, Georgia and Sarah died 16 January 1840 in Madison County, Georgia.

Edward left Maryland in the late 1790's to go, with his brother Levin Wailes, to Georgia.  Levin was the General Surveyor for Georgia.  Levin was the younger brother born in 1768.

Lacy (Lucy) Wailes was born 1790 in Maryland.  She married, 05 February 1807 in Sparta, Hancock County, Georgia, David Cater Carter.  David and Lacy's children were: James Wailes Carter born about 1810; William born 1821; Hardy H. born about 1826; David Cater, Jr. born 14 December 1835 and died 28 March 1915 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama; Marion L. 1810-1858 and Mary.

James Wailes Carter was born about 1810 in Alabama.  He married, 04 July 1829 Tallapoosa County, Alabama, Elizabeth Malor.  Their children were: James Jenkins; Martha Ann born 1831 Georgia; Sarah P.; Amanda; Sofemona; George; John M.; Mary E.

James Jenkins Carter was born 26 October 1824 in Georgia.  He married 02 December 1846 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama Cynthia Matilda Davis.  Cynthia Matilda was born 08 August 1825 in Georgia and died 29 November in Georgia.  James died 06 September 1906 in Georgia.  They are buried at Tallapoosa Primative Baptist Church Cemetery, Carrollton, Carroll County, Georgia.

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I want to thank Bill Hutchinson for sharing his information on this family with us.  Per Hutch this information is correct but some of it needs to be verified. 

I cannot prove absolutely that Lacy Wailes is the daughter of Edward Lloyd Wailes and Sarah Biggs Oden, but he and Levin are the only Wailes family in Georgia at the time, and Levin's children were not born until 1797 after he moved to Georgia.

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