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Trafalgar Square

The Battle of Trafalgar occured in 1805. Admiral Lord Nelson lost his life in a battle against great odds. His strategy and the determination of the Royal Navy not just win a battle against French and Spanish ships in the sea battle of Trafalgar: the victory was a stinging anialation of two fleets of the enemy. No wonder the British people  still clebrate his name today.
Ksthy Clifton amongst the pigeons in Tragalger
                Square, London, England
Kathy Clifton amongst the pigeoms at Ttafalgar Square
Admiral Lord
                Nelson Column at Trafalgar Square
Admiral Lord Nelson stands atop a column at Trafalgar Square

Neale Clifton at Trafalgar Square also
                amongst the pigeons
Neale Clifton surrounded by pigeons at the Square
Photographs by Neale and Kathy Clifton

We understand the pigeons are no longer plentiful at Trafalger Square. . What a pity. We enjoyed them when we were there, although we were careful not to stand underneath their filght patterns.
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Kathy & Neale Clifton
Neale & Kathy Clifton

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