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Neale's Wheelers

My Wheeler line ties in to families in the Smyth County and Washington County area of Virginia. We have attempted to make the lineage as easy as possible to follow here. Please go back to our Clifton's Collectibles Genealogy Index to clarify some of the surnames mentioned here.
Neale Clifton

rancys Wheeler was born in the year 1540 in St. Edmund's Parish District, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.  He married Margerye Owens 10 May 1565 in St. Edmund's Parish. Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.  Francys died 12 December 1615, in Salisbury, Wiltshire England.  Margerye Owens as born 1554 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. Child: Dominick Wheeler born 1565 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England

Dominick Wheeler born 1565 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.  He married Mercy Jellye 03 June 1588 in St. Edmund's Parish, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.  She was the daughter of William Jellye and Eyed Atkins.  Dominick died 12 December 1615 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.  Children:  John Wheeler 1588  died 06 December 1588; John Wheeler 04 May 1591 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England; Jane 03, August 1595; Elizabeth 03 August 1595; David 1597; Robert 12 October 1599; William 1599; Mercy 1601; George 1605; Roger 1607 and Henry 1609.

John Wheeler born 04 May 1591 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.  He married 01 December 1611, St. Edmund's Parish, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, Agnes (Ann) Yeoman, daughter of Godfrey Yeoman, born About 1592  in Salisbury, England and died 15 August 1665 in Newbury, Essex Co., MA  They came to America on the Mary and John to Salisbury, Essex Co., MA.  Children:  Edward 1612; John 1614; George 1615; Adam 1616; Elizabeth 1617; Mercy 1618; Thomas 1618; William 1621; David 1625; Ann 1628; Roger 1630; and Henry 08 February 1632/33.

Henry Wheeler born 08 February 1632/33 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.  Married Abigail Allen, daughter of William Allen and Ann Goodale, in 1658 Salisbury, Essex Co., MA.  Henry died Before 1696 in Salisbury, Essex Co., MA.  Children: Henry 1659; James Wheeler 07 Mar 1659/60; Abigail, 1659/60; William 1663; Moses 1665; Ann 1667; Josiah 1669; Ruth 1671; Jeremiah 1677; Benjamin 1681/82; Mary 1685;  and Joseph 1689.

James Wheeler, Sr. born 08 May 1667  Salisbury, Essex Co., MA and married 1690 Bristol Co., MA Grizzell Squire, daughter of Phillip Squire and Rachel Ruggles,  she was born 14 May 1668 in Boston, Suffolk Co., MA and died 1724, Rehoboth, Bristol, MA.  Children:  William 1691; Mary 1693; James Wheeler, Jr. 27, March 1697; Phillip 1698, Rachel 1700; Squire 1703 and Ann 1704/1705. 

James Wheeler Jr. was born 27 March 1697 in Taunton, Bristol, MA and married 08 March 1716/17 in Swansea, Bristol Co., MA, Elizabeth West born 30 November 1694 Rehoboth, Bristol, MA, daughter of John West and Mehitable Bullock.  James died 22 April 1740 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA.  Children:   Elizabeth 1717; Henry 1719; James 04 March 1720/21; Mehitable 1723/27; John 1716; Nathaniel 1728; Jeremiah 1730/31;  and Hannah 1733.

James Wheeler was born 04 March 1720/21 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA.  He was the son of James Wheeler, Jr..  James
died in February 1804 in Washington County, VA.  He married Abigail Brown 07 April 1744 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA.  She was the daughter of Samuel Brown and Ann Darling.  Samuel and Ann were married 13 October 1708 in Mendon, Ma.  Ann Darling was born 20 April 1689 in Mendon, MA  and died 02 January 1753, Rehoboth, Bristol, MA.  James and Abigail  had seven children:  James Moses Wheeler 1744; Jesse 1745; Abigail 1750; Anna 1754; Oliver 1757; Stephen 1758 and Lydia Wheeler, born in New York About 1760.  

Lydia Wheeler married Between 1771-1772 Sampson Cole.  She died March 25, 1841 in Smyth  County, Virginia.  Sampson Cole was born March 7, 1755 in Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts.   He died June 15, 1833 in Smyth County, Virginia.  He was the son of Joseph Cole, Sr. and Freelove Mason.  Sampson Cole's first wife was Kesiah Cole, daughter of Is real Cole.  Lydia and Sampson are buried at the Old Blankenbeckler School north of South Fork of Holston River above Riverside and below Adwolf, Smyth Co., VA.  

Lydia and Sampson had eight children: Abigail Cole, born 1799; Ann, Freelove, James, Joseph, Martha Cole, born  abt 1784; Jesse Cole, born July 3, 1781 in South Fork, Smyth County, Va.   He married December 15, 1803 to Celia Brown.  Jesse died November 28, 1870 in Shady, Johnson County, TN., and Elizabeth Cole.

Elizabeth Cole was born 1796. She married Andrew Patterson September 6, 1814, in Washington  County, Virginia.  Elizabeth died May 20 1880 in Washington County, Virginia.  Andrew Patterson  was a Baptist Minister. Andrew was born in 1784 in Virginia.  He died June 19, 1862 in Washington County, VA.  He was the son of William Patterson and Anne Edmiston.  Elizabeth and Andrew resided  in Friendship, Virginia. The house where they raised all of their children is still standing.  And up until 1998 was occupied by a member of this family.

Elizabeth Cole and Andrew Patterson had seven children:  Ann Patterson born March 4, 1828 in  Washington County, Virginia.  She married Christopher S. Catron.  Ann died July 31, 1896 in Washington County, Virginia.  Elizabeth (Eliza) Patterson married James Lowery Cole.  Sampson C. Patterson married December 5, 1839, Smyth County Virginia, Harriet Cole, his second wife was Elizabeth Rosenbalm.  Lydia Patterson born December 17, 1824 in Washington County, VA married December 14, 1840 George Washington Alderson.  Lydia died April 1, 1866 in Washington County,  Virginia; Eleanor Patterson married James Edmiston; Thomas E. Patterson born October 20, 1816, Virginia, married Mary Polly Cole.  Thomas died June 22, 1890 in Smyth County, Virginia;  Martha  Patterson born June 22, 1831, Smyth County, Virginia married Campbell Berry St. John.  Martha died January 20, 1889, Smyth County, Virginia

Martha Patterson married Campbell Berry St. John, son of Berry St. John and Hannah Dungan.   Martha and Campbell  had ten children:  Andrew David St. John, William Berry St. John, born  December 6, 1852, Smyth County Virginia, died February 1929 and married Betty Light; Elizabeth C. St. John born March 17, 1855 Smyth County, Virginia, married Samuel Bishop.  Elizabeth died January 28, 1921; George W. St. John born July 4, 1857 Smyth County, Virginia, married Berdie Light.  George died March 10, 1877, Smyth County, Virginia; Hannah C. St. John born October 4, 1859, Smyth County, Virginia, died August 19, 1877 Smyth County, Virginia;  Laura G. St. John born April 7, 1862 and died January 22, 1864 in Smyth County, Virginia; Robert Lee St. John born October 16, 1867 Smyth County, Virginia and died January 20, 1957 Virginia, he married Eunice Meek; Martha St. John, born March 15, 1870 Smyth County, Virginia, married Roscoe C. Wilkinson.  Martha died November 30, 1926 in Virginia; John Fulton St. John born July 27, 1870 in Chilhowie, Smyth County, Virginia, died June 20, 1942.  He first married Alice F. Copenhaver and 2nd Laura Virginia Umberger; Martha C. St. John, born November 5, 1872 in Smyth County, Virginia and died August 15, 1890 in Smyth County, Virginia

Andrew David St. John married Julianne Dye on July 2, 1890.  Julianne was the daughter of Jefferson and Sarah Price Dye. After Andrew died February 12, 1897 Julianne married Samuel T. Bailey.  Andrew and Julianne had four children; Eliza Margaret St. John born February 2, 1892 in Washington County, Virginia; Preston Wolf St. John born October 15, 1893 in Washington County, Virginia.  He married Pearl Duncan.; Nuni Carrie St. John born November 8, 1894, Washington County, Virginia; Minnie St. John born November 21, 1896 in Washington County, Virginia

Nuni Carrie St. John married January 20, 1910, in Washington County, Virginia Claude Granville Clifton, son of Elias C. Clifton and Barbara A Mitchell. Nuni and Claude had three children; Buford Clifton born May 24, 1913, Greendale, Washington County, Virginia: Juanita C. Clifton born Washington County, Virginia and Eldridge Howell Clifton born in Washington County, Virginia.

Buford Clifton married Volga Farley daughter of William Thomas Farley and Lucy Alice Clay.  They were married April 20, 1935 in Welch, McDowell County, West Virginia. They had one son Lassister Neale Clifton; born in McDowell County, West Virginia.

Lassister Neale Clifton married Katherine Williams Clifton. She is a daughter of Curtis and Viola Livingston Williams. They have two children:  Lassister Neale Clifton Jr, born  Portsmouth, Virginia and Debra Lynn Clifton born Portsmouth, Virginia.

Lassister Neale Clifton, Jr. first married Debra Marie Ford. They had one child, David Wayne Clifton.  Lassister Neale Clifton Jr., second married Billie Moriaie Lewis. They had one daughter Jessica Lee Lewis. Jessica Lee married Jeremy Clark and they have two sons, Conner Addison Clark and Aiden Micheale Clark

Debra Lynn Clifton first married Robert Deward Carlisle, Jr.  They had five children: Kathleen Hope, Robert Curtis, Stephanie Diane, Robin Denise and William Thomas Carlisle.  Robert died November 1997.  Debra married 2nd Scott Duane Beeler in Portsmouth, Virginia.  They had no issue.  Debra Lynn then married Robert Mintz.

Kathleen Hope Carlisle had a son Tristian Parker Carlisle; died at birth, and two daughters, Rheanna Michelle Van Dalsum and Raven Michelle Van Dalsum.  Their father is Jon Wilhelm Van Dalsum.

Stephanie Diane Carlisle has one little girl Shyanne Lynn Carlisle, two sons, Christopher Eugene Helmkamp, Jr., and William Thomas Helmkamp.
Robin Denise Carlisle married Rhys Durham.  They have one son Terry Benjamin Durham and a daughter, Alysa Durham.
Robert Curtis Carlisle has a daughter, Rebecca

This research was compiled from family records, other family researchers, the internet, books, research cd's and other resources.  If anyone has any corrections please let us know. We do not say this is exact just what we have found in our research.  We have some information on the children of these families if anyone is interested please contact us.
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