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Hiram Wills was born about 1774 in Virginia, he died 04 Nov 1857, District 11, Carroll, Virginia, USA. Hiram is buried  Wheeler Family Farm, Wythe Co., VA.  He married Mary Meg Jones.  Mary was born after 1774 and died 15 Jun 1861, Wythe County, Virginia, CSA.  She also was buried in the Wheeler Family Farm, Wythe, Co. VA (this was their daughter Nancy Wills residence who married Newton Henry Wheeler. Mary Meg Jones is the daughter of  John and Nancy Ann Webb Jones.

Their children were:
  • William born 1795 in Grayson Co.,VA and died 9 November 1888.  He married Sarah Combs daughter of Zedekiah Combs and Elizabeth Johnson.   Sarah Combs was born September 15, 1803, in Grayson County, Virginia, and died on May 2, 1859, in Raleigh County, Virginia, USA.      Their children of William and Sarah were Joseph, Melinda, Lucinda, Edith, Jabez, Luvernie, Rhoda, Rachel, Hiram, Samuel, and Jane.
  • Nancy born 24 Mar 1802, Grayson Co.,Virginia and died  19 Jul 1885 in Wythe Co., VA USA.  She married Newton Henry Wheeler, 1804-1885, son of Vincent and Rebecca Wheeler.
  • Caroline born 27 Jan 1807 and died  16 Dec 1859, Lambsburg, Carroll, Virginia, USA. 
  • Stephen born May 1807 in Grayson County, Virginia and died  May 1870 Wyoming Co., WV. USA. Wife, Mary  1801-1860.
  • Daniel 1820
Hiram Wills died  04 Nov 1857 in Carroll County, Virginia, USA.  Mary died 15 Jun 1861in Wythe Co.,Virginia

Stephen Wills was born May 1807 in Grayson County, Virginia  and died  May 1870 Wyoming Co., West Virginia, USA.. He married Mary
Their children were:
  • Dialpha "Alpha" born 1828 in Grayson Co.,Virgnia.  Blackburn Barrett and she had a son Blackburn Wills, born 1849 Boone County, VA and died 1891 Wyoming Co., West Virginia.
  • Mary Ann born 1830  in Grayson Co.,Virginia  and died after 1820 in Boone Co., West Virginia.  She married Thomas Hill.
  • Samuel Wills was born 1826 in Grayson Co.,Virginia.  He married Elizabeth in 1847 in Virginia. He enlisted in the Confederate Army in  Company C, 36th Infantry Regiment Virginia on 1 Aug 1861.
  • Enoch Berry Wills born 28 February 1832 in Grayson Co.,Virginia and died 24 Sep 1900 Turkey Creek, Wyoming County,  WVA .     
  • William C. Wills born 1836 in Fayette Co., Virginia. Killed in the War Between the States, between 1863 and 1865. He served in Co I, 7th Cavalry WV, as well.  He married Angeline Cook.
  • Phoebe Wills born 1842 Grayson Co.,Virginia and died 1860 Raleigh Co.,Virginia.  She married Henry Harrison Cook.

Enoch Berry Wills was born 28 February 1832 in Grayson County, Virginia and died 24 September 1900 in Turkey Creek, Wyoming Co., WVA.  He is buried in Rockview Cemetery, Wyoming Co., Virginia.   He married Rebecca Jane Cook 17 September 1856 in Wyoming County, Virginia.  Rebecca was born 18 November 1838 in Logan Co., Virgnia and she died in September 1865.

Their children were:
  • William H. K. born 1856 in Virginia. 
  • Mary Frances born 15 October 1856 Rockcastle, Wyoming County, Virginia; she died 29 August 1940 in Welch, McDowell County, WVA.  She married John Henry Farley  on 28 February 1879, Raleigh, Raleigh Co., West Virginia. 
  • Victoria born 12 June 1858 and died 15 November 1918.  She is buried in Stewart Cemetery, Matheny, West Virginia. she married Thomas J. Cooper and they had seven children.
  • Stephen born 1864. Stephen married Lydia Sizemore on  4 March 1884 in Wyoming County, West Virginia. Lydia's parents were Calvin and Mary Sizemore
  • Rosina born 5 December 1861 and died 27 Feb 1934.  She married James Andrew Miller and they had 10 Children, Veronica, Vergie, Maude, Ethel, Myrtle, Josie, Pearl, Aubrey Carlton, Gracie Bernice and James Edward.

After Rebecca Jane Cook died,  Enoch had four more wifes, Julia Ann Wyatt, Nancy Laxton and Sarilda Laxton, Juliann Carrico.  For more about Enoch Berry Wills, click here.

Mary Frances Wills
Mary Frances Wills
Mary Frances Wills was born 15 October 1856 Rockcastle, Wyoming County, Virginia and died 29 August 1941 in Welch, McDowell County, WVA. She is buried in Farley Cemetery, Brewsterdale, McDowell County, WVA.  She married John Henry Farley 28 February 1879 in Raleigh County, West Virginia.  John Henry was born September 1853 Wyoming County, Virginia and died  29 April 1940, Welch, McDowell Co.,WVA. 
Their children were:
  • William Thomas Farley born 8 March 1879 in Pineville, Wyoming County, West Virginia; died 10 March 1968 in Portsmouth, Virginia and is buried in City Park Cemetery1, Portsmouth, VA.  He married Lucy Alice Clay born 25 Aug 1882 in Pineville, Wyoming County, WVA and died 23 December 1960 in 1Portsmouth, Virginia, she too is buried in City Park Cemetery, Portsmouth, Virginia. They had three daughters, Edowa, Glattrus and Volga.
  • Victoria, born 21 April 1843 and died 12 December 1941.
  • Enoch B. born 30 May 1886, Bee C. born June 1887 both in  Wyoming County, WVA.
  • Lulu P. born April 1890  in  West Virgnia.
  • Coy Ott born 27 April 1892 Wyoming Co., WVA and died  28 July 1918 in  Welch, Wyoming County, WVA.
  • Marie Maude born 01 March 1895 in West Virginia and died  22 December 1982 in McDowell County,WVA.  She married Henry Craft.
  • Stella M born 1896 in Wyoming County, WVA
  • Lola B. born May 1898 in Wyoming County,WVA
  • Everett V. "Boss" born 30 April 1887
  • Dewitt W. born 1888
  • Elsie born 1903 McDowell County,WVA and died 18 April 1925 Kimball,  McDowell Co.,WVA
  • Vivian born 1905 McDowell County, WVA.
 All of their children were born in Wyoming County, West Virginia.  Mary Frances died 29 August 1941 in Welch, McDowell County, West Virginia.  John Henry died 29 April 1940 in Welch, McDowell County, West Virginia.

From Darryl Miller's mother we learned that John Henry owned a small grocery "type" store just about where Jackson Farley lived.


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